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My yoga journey began with a book, placed magically in my path in a way that made it impossible to ignore.

Igniting a passion for the physical practise of Yoga, the practise soon grew to a love of the inner transformation.

Having experienced the healing qualities of Yoga. I have a relentless desire to share this potential change Yoga offers absolutely anyone.

The way I teach, focuses on moving with consciousness, understanding individuality, anatomy and energy. As a guide, I shares knowledge of the energetic layers of the body, incorporating spirituality and Yogic philosophy.

In 2011, I studied Ashtanga Vinyasa with ‘Yoga London’, expanding this knowledge studying Yin and Anatomy, the Ashtanga inspired Rocket system, Tripsicore and Mandala with “The Yoga People’ in 2014. The following year I undertook additional study of Yin Yoga, Anatomy and Traditional Chinese Meridian theory ‘With-Yin’ Yoga. In 2016 I studied with Sarah Powers, Paul & Suzee Grilley.

This year, I was fortunate enough to return to study Yin Yoga, Anatomy and Chakra meditation with Paul and Suzee Grilley in the foothills of the Santa Cruz mountains.

I teach with passion and love creating a journey that allows Yoga rather than having to perform Yoga.

A registered RYT level 2 teacher with over 800 hours of study and 3,000 hours of teaching experience.
The Yoga Alliance Professionals.