My yoga journey began with a book, placed magically in my path in a way that made it impossible to ignore.

Igniting a passion for the physical practise of Yoga, the practise soon grew to a love of the inner transformation.

Having experienced the healing qualities of Yoga. I have a relentless desire to share this potential change Yoga offers absolutely anyone.

The way I teach, focuses on moving with consciousness, understanding individual anatomy and energy. As a guide, I shares knowledge of the energetic layers of the body, incorporating spirituality and Yogic philosophy.

In 2011, I studied Ashtanga Vinyasa with ‘Yoga London’, expanding this knowledge studying Yin and Anatomy, the Ashtanga inspired Rocket system, Tripsicore and Mandala with “The Yoga People’ in 2014. The following year I undertook additional study of Yin Yoga, Anatomy and Traditional Chinese Meridian theory ‘With-Yin’ Yoga.

In 2016 I was fortunate enough to study Yin Yoga and Chakra meditation with Paul and Suzee Grilley in the foothills of the Santa Cruz mountains. 2017 will see me return to California to continue studies in Yin Yoga and meditation with Paul and Suzee plus a London based training with Sarah Powers. 

I teach with passion and love creating a journey allowing for physical, emotional and mental transformation.

A registered RYT level 2 teacher with
The Yoga Alliance Professionals.