Three ways to feel different about yourself today.

1. Change one word.

How we communicate, the words we use inspire an external opinion of ourselves and also, deeply affect how we view ourselves. “I feel” or “I think” appear more than you realise in your sentences but what is their purpose? It’s a lack of commitment, a way out and a method of not quite trusting ourselves, believing in ourselves. Others will view you the way you view yourself. Today, change one word. Listen to yourself and observe that deeper level of the brain and how it perceives you. “I think I look good”. Remove “I think” and make this a completely new, fresh healthy sentence. “I look good”. Change how people perceive you and most of all, how you perceive yourself.

2. Book a Yin class.

Yin is a journey that begins from a physical perspective, taking us through the emotional body and deep into the thinking layer. Holding a posture for an extended period of time, being completely still allows us to begin the process of peeling back the layers, accessing a deeper level of our self. With a humble approach to each posture, accept your physical limitations and passively encourage the physical body to open. As you peel back the layers, you witness the old unresolved emotions and thoughts that are stored with areas of our bodies such as the hips. Realise how much you carry with you and how this weight has influenced the way you think about yourself, others and life. Realise how brave and strong you are for getting this far and make a promise to Yin and heal.


3. Let the tears roll.

Tears are immensely powerful. A deep sob where you feel the tears swell up from your belly and with that, the realisation of sadness rising up to choke you. Tears of a deep sob feel bigger, feel weighted with emotion and as if magnets, they seem to draw these emotions up and take them out. Sobbing is the moment when you realise that a situation is affecting you more than you thought but it also signifies the moment where you face it head on. You are stronger than you think you are.