Yin & Chakra Workshop at The Light Centre, Belgravia.

An illuminating journey through the Chakra system, exploring the 7 chakras, their significance, importance, emotional expression and their power on our physical and subtle body. 

We will create understanding of the Chakra's energetic qualities, Sanskit name, traditional meaning, location, mantra and how they relate to awareness and consciousness.

This workshop will cultivate mind body awareness, allowing us to take residence in our own bodies as we journey with awareness and consciousness. Balancing the mind, body and spirit, encouraging a deeper exploration of the individual self.

If you have always wondered what the chakras are all about, this workshop is for you. Designed to introduce the Chakras, each of their energetic qualities, an understanding of this fundamental system and how to relate this knowledge off the mat.

The workshop will begin with a short discussion on the Chakras. This information is then related to the Yin practise which focuses on a journey from the heart to the root. 

Journey with awareness and consciousness balancing the mind, body and spirit. A powerful practise of Yin Yoga with Emma Peel.

Closing with meditation, an informative discussion on the Chakras and how we can use this information off the mat and Chakra Teas from PositiviTea.