A special two hour evening event at The Light Centre, Belgravia. A guided journey that will nurture a deeper exploration into the art of meditation.

Practise will begin with light Pranayama encouraging breath focus laying the foundations for the Yin Yoga practise and seated meditation.

The Yin Yoga asana sequence guided by Emma, will prepare both the body and mind for the seated meditation with each asana enhancing the quality and comfort of the seat for the meditation with Donald.

Donald with share his vast knowledge on the (basic) principles and philosophy of this practise, how meditation can influence our ability to access our inner wisdom, creativity and enable us to create a peaceful inner space. Guiding through three meditation techniques allowing the opportunity to explore and discover ways to take embrace practise off the mat.

This event is open to everyone, from beginners wishing to discover the benefits of Meditation and for those who know and love the practise.