A practise observing the seasonal influence on the human body/mind. Balancing the energy cycle in the body.

Seasons are the natural global earth clock,  the rhythm of the world. Patterns, cycles, phases, expressions within nature and these same seasonal patterns are found inside the body of each living being. 

The 5 seasons in Toaist philosophy (Spring, Summer, late Summer, Autumn & Winter) and their 5 corresponding elements represent the activities of the Yin and Yang energies within nature, when they are alternating, manifested in the changing cycles of nature that regulate the Earth’s life.

Known as the 5 movements, they define the various stages of transformation that occur during seasonal change: growth and decline; climate change; sounds and flavours; emotions in human psychology.

Every energy is associated with a natural element representing the transformation, the energetic activities with which they are associated.

As the manifestations of Yin and Yang energy on Earth, the five phases of energy represent various stages of emptiness and fulfilment through which these energies pass to balance a determined energetic system.

The five phases of energy or Elements are Wood/Spring, Fire/Summer, Metal/Autumn and Water/Winter. These energy phases are constantly changing activity, each one nourishing and controlling the other so that there is a constant circular movement without beginning or end.

The interaction of these energies creates harmony in the constant changing course of nature’s cycles. The Five phases of Energy combine and recombine. Everything that exists contains the five elements in varying proportions.

This practise will bring awareness to this idea of observing the seasons of the year that influence us, the Earth using asana to explore the expression of each of the 5 seasons.

A 90 minute practise finishing with a short silent meditation a smoothie and energy bar.

Sunday, August 20th