Tune in to the summer vibes with Emma Peel in a two hour winter Yin yoga with meditation workshop this June.

Ancient Chinese philosophy believes we should look to nature to understand ourselves on a deeper level, embracing the ebb and flow of seasonal changes and energies. In Taoism, these stages of transformation are known as the ‘five movements', intrinsically linked with the elements fire/summer, earth/late summer metal/autumn, water/winter and wood/spring. Each element is associated with not only the season, but with particular organs, colours, flavours, a specific time of day and how this energy may manifest itself in the way we respond physically and emotionally.

Through a series of five workshops, Emma will explore these phases, observing the natural world and helping to transition harmoniously from one season to the next.

The third in this series of workshops will deepen our understanding of the Summer, the element Fire and the organs the Heart and Small Intestine. We will explore ways to balance the body and mind in this special two hour yin with meditation practice.