Ancient Chinese Philosophy believed that everything in the universe resulted from the movement and transformation of energy. The body has natural patterns of qi/energy/prana associated with it that circulate in channels called meridians.

Energy pathways through which nutritive energy flows, to nourish and energise the systems of the body. An internal energy pathway system throughout the physical body which energetically connects a person’s organs and their subsystems.

The meridian system has 12 main Yin and Yang pathways. This practise will mentally trace all 12 energy lines as one long line using asana to connect with each expression of energy as well as it's route. A subtle aspect of awareness and a method of connecting with the idea of concentration and feeling.

Adjusting the flow of qi in the body. Some people perceive the presence of Qi or energy more easily than others. There is no right or wrong way in our practise. Just breath and be open to experimenting. I will be asking questions which will dictate how we individually approach tracing each line whilst we consider the role of each organ and it's energy within the kingdom of the body.

A two hour practise finishing with a long savasana, smoothie and energy bar.