The Dragon Dance is a fusion of Indian and Daoist Yoga. A beautiful, graceful and energetic sequence designed to stimulate the flow of energy through awareness and vigorous movements. The dance challenges our perception of stability, assisting us to come down from the mind and to land in our centre. The Dragon Dance is a moving meditation.

Practise will begin with a short Yin sequence, a gentle nudge towards and into the yang sequence. Building in stages of intensity and heat, the ultimate stage in the dance is feeling the dragon's fire. Slowing down with longer held yang asana until we come to stillness in Yin Yoga.

Moving from Yang into Yin, we are invited to explore the concept of relationships. Stillness and movement, scattering and gathering, holding on and letting go, the doing and the being.

In dissolving the impressions of separateness we open ourselves up to feel rather than perform. This practise is not so much concerned with how flexible the body is, where edges arrive but, how softly we caress edges no matter where they appear.

A powerful practise nurturing a deep exploration and observation of the body, heart and mind connect and our path out of disconnect.