“When sound, breath, and awareness come together, it becomes light…". Vasant Lad

An evening where we move beyond thoughts, ideas, time and space where limitations have the space to evaporate.

A Yin Yoga and Meditation practice by the glow of candlelight accompanied by the vibrations of Crystal bowls, Gong and other sounds with Emma Peel and Christine Pleser.

This two hour event will allow the opportunity to grow our interior spaces with the time to receive a more nurturing and potent pace. Opening and maintaining receptivity in the body, heart and mind through Meditation and passive Asana so we may receive the resonance of sound as we learn to let go of our heads and listen with our bodies moving into a place of deeper knowing.

Practise will begin with pranayama, leading us to the Yin Yoga asana followed by meditation. Each seat will be approachable allowing for the low lighting and encouraging a more inward experience and listening presence.

A powerful practise that will nurture a deeper exploration and observation of the body, heart and mind.

Sunday 13th October
6.30pm - 8.30pm
Kindred Yoga, Deptford