In our modern lives, in London, even our Yoga practises can often be fast-paced having us running and striving to move forward. Yin Yoga illuminates the benefits of slowing down, transitioning from pose to pose with intention. 

Aimed at Yang Yogis, runners and cyclist, instead of aspiring to cross more finishing lines whilst trying to catch our breath, this workshop will teaches us how to watch our breath.

We will explore what it means to strive less, to not fold more but to feel more as we stretch out our bodies and just like a growing tree, a handstand or marathon training, the full expression requires balance.

Most runners, cyclists and Yang Yogis are working on greater strength, but this Yin Yoga workshop will enhance length and flexibility. Running, sitting and high intensity workouts can have a negative effect on the lower back, knees, feet and ankles and the large muscles of the thighs. This way of exercising can tighten the hips, shorten the hamstrings, hip flexors and hip rotators and we can begin to feel a loss of range of movement in all these areas. 

This Yin workshop with Emma Peel is designed to nourish and rebuild these areas, making them stronger, longer and ready for your next run, marathon or next ride. This sequence is designed and intended for practice after your run or cycle in an easily absorbed sequence that you can take home with you and integrate into your life outside the studio.

Sunday 18th February, 2.30pm-4.30pm
Yogahaven, Clapham