The current of our breath is not separate from the current of the tides. The air we inhale, that animates life, is the same air that every other living creature draws in. We are energised by the same sunlight as are all flora and respond to the pull of the moon as do the tides. 

Throughout these five workshops we will explore the essential qualities and essences found within the rhythmic patterns expressed within the seasons.

The intention is not only as a method to explore the spontaneous cooperation and continual process of natural change but as a way to understand ourselves, experience how we are not separate from the natural world and to explore our own potential to live harmoniously within this dynamic.

When we can recognised moments of being drawn to nature, resonating with a Spring day or a trickling stream we can be more sensitive to our own potential to flourish. As we learn to accurately perceive those outer movements we can become more perceptive to the inner movements within the dynamics of body and mind.

Through practise we recognise change as process. We learn how to examine and examining this through felt sense, we have the potential to understand these patterns as observed and studied through feeling. We all contain Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal and the more we understand ourselves and the nature of life, the more we can recognise the oneness and interconnected nature of all things and that we are nature itself.  

Winter: The last in this series of workshops will deepen our understanding of the season of Winter and after separating these five movements, how we individually bring these teaching back into the whole and ultimately back into a place of meaning.

Aimed at deepening our understanding of this phase in the season cycle, we will explore the energetic representation of Winter's element Water, the organs Kidney and Urinary Bladder and how Winter may manifests in our inner and outer worlds.

Ancient Chinese philosophy believed nature was not something we visited at the weekends and by observing nature we could cultivate an understanding of life, each other and remind ourselves where and how we are unique while simultaneously aware of that which keeps us united.

Sunday January 26th, 2pm - 4:30pm
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