Yin is a journey that begins from a physical perspective, taking us through the emotional body and deep into the thinking layer. Marrying both meditation with asana, this practise enhances the natural range of movement in the joints by passively lengthening & releasing the connective tissues that wrap around bones, joints and muscles. Yin is a journey of both physical and inner transformation through being fully present & aware within each posture. 

Yin Yang


Yin Yang Yoga with Emma is a fusion of Indian and Daoist Yoga. Graceful and energetic sequences, building in stages of intensity and heat. Practise then slows down with longer held Yin asana until we come to rest stillness. Both Yin and Yang asana are invitations to not only understand ourselves and our bodies more deeply but invitations to explore. Our Yoga practise is not so much concerned with how flexible the body is, but where the edges arrive and how softly we can caress these edges no matter where they appear.



Embrace the present moment through breathing exercises and guided meditation. Cultivating awareness of ones inner silence, bring peace and balance to your inner and outer worlds.

Dynamic Vinyasa Flow


Dynamic Vinyasa Flow class sequences are designed to unite the mind & body linking breath with movement. Strengthen, invigorate & flow through the Sun Salutations moving to the standing & seated sequences which focus on alignment & breath.



Designed to challenge all levels, the Rocket sequence is a dynamic practise inspired by the Ashtanga Yoga system. Build strength, increase flexibility, be prepared to sweat & challenge your perception of your individual edge. A dynamic practise that will leave you feeling stronger.